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Valentine's Day with Feeks will melt your heart

Posted at 6:32 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 09:50:38-05

It is always hard to get through one of Rory Feek's blog posts without a few tears. His latest was no exception.

The country singer and his wife, Joey, have had a big week. Friday they released their new album. Valentine's Day was Sunday. Joey and Rory are up for a Grammy Monday night. And their daughter, Indiana, turns 2 years old on Wednesday.

"And so now, with the big week we have coming up, we have little plan. But ultimately, how the plan plays out is up to God," he writes. 

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Rory describes the couple's first Valentine's Day in 2002:

"What I really want to do on this, our 14th Valentines together, is share a romantic candle-lit dinner with my bride: grill out rib-eyes on the campfire back home, pour two glasses of red wine and sit across from her at our kitchen table – just like we’ve done on more than one special occasion. But those things aren’t able to happen this year," he writes. 

He said instead, he took his wife on a walk down memory lane. 

"The passion for each other that Joey and I once had has been replaced by the sweetest, gentlest kisses. I live for those kisses. They are enough," he writes. 

Here is a snapshot of how they spent their special day:


...happy Valentine's Day my love

Posted by Joey and Rory on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Monday night they will gather around the TV and watch the Grammy Awards.

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"And we will smile at each other and wonder how in the world we got so blessed. How we've come so far without going anywhere at all," he writes. 

A few days later, they will celebrate their daughter's birthday. They plan to put streamers up around Joey's bed and move Indiana's high chair beside her, so Joey can be a part of it. 


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