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Roundup on the North Split: Cattle get loose with truck overturns in Indianapolis

Cowboys come to the rescue
Posted at 11:08 PM, Jul 20, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — It looked like something you would expect to see in Oklahoma City or Fort Worth, Texas.

But it happened on the outskirts of downtown Indianapolis on the North Split — where Interstates 65 and 70 come together and trucks sometimes overturn on the ramps.

That's what happened late Monday afternoon. A cattle truck on its way from Louisville to Iowa took a spill and ended up on its side. The driver suffered what were described as slight injuries.

As explained by a public information officer for the Indianapolis Fire Department, the big problem was the cattle. Fifty-four were in the trailer. Six died and the other 48 had to be rounded up. One of the 48 made it into the nearby neighborhood and was found near Hillside Avenue and East 20th Street.

As arrangements were made for other cattle trucks to come to the scene, the fire department supplied water and fans to cool the animals.

Indiana State Police and HIX Wrecker Service were able to find actual cowboys to help. They brought fencing and set up a make-shift corral — right there in the North Split. The animals were herded into one small and three larger cattle trailers.

The driver's Australian Cattle Dog, named Drifter, was not hurt in the accident and was taken to a local animal hospital for boarding until the driver could retrieve him.