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WATCH: Protestors escorted out of Trump rally

Posted at 6:44 PM, Apr 20, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Several protesters were escorted out of a Donald Trump rally Wednesday to chants of "Get him out! Get him out of here!" 

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Trump's speech suffered several small interruptions -- including by a protestor wearing a Trump mask -- though no violence erupted inside the Indiana State Fairgrounds Pavilion where it was being held.

Trump himself even joked that he was "disappointed" in Indiana's protesters.

"They don't make protestors very well here," he said. "I'm kind of disappointed. I say get out and he just walks out."

Outside the building, a scuffle between protestors and Trump supporters was broken up by police.

Several thousand people filled the pavilion to hear the New York billionaire speak. He kept his topics mostly to things he said Hoosiers cared about: Bringing jobs back to the U.S.; "winning" trade deals with Mexico and China; and levying a tax on companies like Carrier that move jobs out of the country.

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