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'I wish I could take back time and save her'

Posted at 5:06 PM, Mar 25, 2016

SPENCER, Ind. -- Shaylyn Ammerman's father says he wishes he could take back time and save her. 

“Last time I saw Shaylyn was in her bed and I leaned down and I said, ‘Daddy loves you’ and gave her a kiss and hug good night," Justin Ammerman said in an interview with RTV6 Friday. 

That was Tuesday night, when Justin's brother, Adam, says he, his stepdad, and friend Kyle Parker were in his room watching TV.

“Yes, we’re just hanging out having a good ol' time, laughing, talking about random stuff. Justin was never in the room,” Adam Ammerman said. 

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“I fell asleep once cause I was a little hung over and I was tired and I had just a little much over my limit and I went to bed, passed out. I got woken up because my step dad ended up screwing up our TV package on DISH and I had to fix that, that was at 1, 2 o'clock in the morning," Adam said. 

Adam said at that point, Parker was still awake and was drinking by himself. 

“Kyle was in my room sitting in the chair, drinking and talking to people on his phone, I guess, cause I heard the tick, tick, tick texting. And, at roughly, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning, I heard the front door open and I look out my window and Kyle’s walking down the yard to his car. I open my window, I yell out to him, ‘Kyle, where are you going?’ He never answered me back. He just got in his car and took off," Adam said. 

Adam said he did not see Shaylyn with Parker. 

“No. I didn’t see Shaylyn at all. Then of course, I was sleepy, I had sleepy eyes, I had alcohol in me and my vision was all messed up," he said. 

Shaylyn was reported missing the next morning.

Around 36 hours later, her body was found in a remote area near Gosport, Indiana. Her death has been ruled a homicide by asphyxiation. 

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Parker, 22, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon in connection with her disappearance. 

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“No. We had no idea what his role was," Adam Ammerman said. 

“We want answers. I want to know why this man come in my house and took my daughter and did what he did with her. I really want to know,” Justin Ammerman said. 

They say Parker was an acquaintance, and do not think he acted alone.

“I honestly don’t think he acted alone. He had to have somebody, a accomplice, putting him up to it or something, I honestly don’t think he would act alone and do this alone," Adam Ammerman said.

Shaylyn's dad ruled out himself and his family. 

“No. None of my family had nothing to do with this. Why would we? Our family is a peaceful family," he said. 



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