New push for surveillance cameras in Shelbyville Parks

Push follows recent vandalism
Posted at 9:27 AM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 20:53:56-04

SHELBYVILLE, IN -- A new effort is underway in Shelbyville to make parks safer. 

A local eighth grade student is hoping to raise enough money to put surveillance cameras in all seven of the city's parks.

"It's really bad because kids come to parks to feel safe and get away and now they don't," said Ashlynn Stout, Shelbyville Middle School student. 

Ashlynn started a GoFundMe Page to raise 168,000 dollars. So far the page has raised more than 500 dollars.

All Eyes on Shelbyville Parks GoFundMe

The new effort comes after Sunset Park was vandalized in September. 

According to the Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department, the slides, shelter house and even signs were hit with offensive images and words.

Ashlynn has a passion for helping kids and this latest effort is her way of trying to give back to the community.

"She is so young. It is important for her to know she can change the world," said Jennifer Stout, Ashlynn's mom. "She doesn't have to sit back and wait on someone older to do something."

After Sunset Park was hit with graffiti, Parks & Recreation Department Director Trisha Tackett said the community support was amazing. People volunteered to help clean up the mess and help in anyway they could.

"When you find people like that in your community, you embrace them and want them to help you. So with open arms we did," said Tackett.

Ashlynn realizes her goal will not be met anytime soon. However, she hopes that businesses and local community members will step up and help.

The Parks and Recreation Department says there is a need for cameras in the park and the latest vandalism case shows how large that need currently is.

"I know people think wow that's a lot of money. It takes that to get cameras everywhere and have them monitored properly," said Tackett.