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Sheriff: Man offered deputies $1K bribe

Posted at 7:31 PM, Apr 05, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ind. -- Bartholomew County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Monday who allegedly offered officers a bribe while they were arresting him for drinking beer in a car in the sheriff's office parking lot.

Around 4:30 p.m. Monday, Bartholomew County Sheriff's Cpt. Dave Steinkoenig reportedly saw a man throwing what appeared to be a beer can out of a truck in the sheriff's office parking lot.

The man reportedly then exited his vehicle and kicked the can, plus another beer can, into the street.

Steinkoenig motioned for the man to get out of the truck, whereupon he reportedly stumbled out of the vehicle, leaving a third beer can behind visible in the console.

When Steinkoenig attempted to place the man under arrest, he fled. After a short pursuit, Steinkoenig and Cpt. Brandon Slate placed the man under arrest.

While waiting for EMS to arrive to check on minor injuries received during the chase, the man allegedly offered Steinkoenig a $1,000 bribe to let him go.

The man was identified as Dario Lopez-Mendez. Lopez-Mendez told jail officials he'd been deported several times and was worried he would again be deported.

Lopez-Mendez was preliminarily charged with bribery, resisting law enforcement, false informing and public intoxication.


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