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Sheriff: 'One of worst things I've ever seen'

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 17, 2016

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. -- Boone County Sheriff Michael Nielsen said the murder of a Zionsville mother and her son is "absolutely one of the worst things" he has ever seen. 

Katherine Giehll, 31, and her 4-year-old son Raymond were found dead in a home in the 6800 block of Old Hunt Club Road Wednesday morning. They died from apparent gunshot wounds, police said.

Police say the man behind it is Giehll's uncle, Lucius Oliver Hamilton III. He was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at a downtown Indianapolis hotel Wednesday afternoon.  

Police say the motive behind the killings was inheritance money. 

Giehll's father, who passed away in 2012, was a Marion County Sheriff's Deputy.

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Nielsen said it was Katherine Giehll's 31st birthday. 

“It was her 31st birthday today. We did this girl justice, and that little baby justice. So it’s sad that it had to happen today, it’s sad that it had to happen at all. But what I can tell you, is that in 8 hours, we solved this crime," he said. 

The sheriff held several press conferences throughout the day. In one of those press conferences, he said his daughter was working the crime scene. 

“I have a 25-year-old daughter that’s working the crime scene as an evidence technician and I look at that and I see what she had to see today, and it will affect her for the rest of her life," he said. 


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