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Social Media posts encourage the spirit of giving

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Posted at 7:35 AM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 07:45:13-05

INDIANAPOLIS — With just one week until old Saint NIck comes to town hundreds of Hoosiers are getting into the spirit of giving with a viral Facebook post.

"You just never know who needs what and if you've got it give it," said Kathy Countryman.

She posted the message on every Facebook chatter page she’s apart of.

The post reads in part, “what is one thing you need that you cannot afford right now? Let's see if others have it and don't need it any longer.”

It’s a post that urges people to share what they're in need of or what they have lying around.

"The first day it just kind of like blew my mind over a hundred people were liking it and viewing it and it’s like wow,” said Countryman.

If you find yourself taking part in these posts, we want to remind you to be safe.

Whether you are picking up or dropping off an item do it at a Safe Swap Zone and also make sure someone knows where you are going.

Countryman said while most are looking for a helping hand some commenters are bringing a sense of humor to what can often be a stressful season.

"Like one person said I need a new butt because my butt's cracked i love it and everybody needs to laugh,” said Countryman.

Countryman said it’s nice to see this post spreading across social media

"It’s a good contagious thing instead of having the flu going around we can have giving going around,” said Countryman.

People have asked her to post it once a month so she plans on doing that in hopes that the spirit of giving continues after the holidays.

For a list of safe swap zones click here.