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South Harding Street residents concerned with proposed truck stop in their neighborhood

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Posted at 6:59 PM, Jun 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-21 19:01:38-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The gas station chain QuickTrip wants to build a gas station and truck stop on South Harding Street, and residents are not too fond of the idea.

Residents say the development could be dangerous.

“There are multiple points throughout the day where this street is already gridlocked with traffic,” James Clingerman, who lives on South Harding Street, said. “We have semi accidents at least monthly.”

The photos below are of the accidents South Harding residents have encountered. Clingerman says due to those accidents, his cable has been disconnected half a dozen times.

"This is more of a residential area,” Clingerman said. There are people here. We have kids, we have dogs. This is our home.”

The way the proposal is currently structured, the entrance to the gas station and truck stop would directly be in front of houses on South Harding Street, which is something residents say could become dangerous and cause property damage to where they live.

"Trucks have a hard time negotiating this small street here,” Greg Dzula, who has been leading the effort against the rezone, said. “We have three truck stops already: Pilot, Flying J and Mr. Fuel. All of those entrances are on a four-lane road or six-lane road. "

The Metropolitan Development Commission released a report recommending not to rezone the area. The developer appealed the decision.

Now, a commission appointed by the City and City Council members will make the final decision. Residents hope decision makers will take their point of view into account.

"They say they want to be good neighbors, but this is not being neighborly,” Rich Andereson said. “The lights that they are going to put up will be high powered LED lights that will be 50 to 80 feet in the air, flashing 24/7 on and off.”

WRTV reached out to the lawyer representing QuickTrip but didn't hear back as to why they wanted to build a gas station in this area specifically.

Neighbors hope the company will find another location.

"We don't need another gas station in the neighborhood,” Tammy Vernier, whose dad lives in the neighborhood, said. “Put it on 37. Put it around 465. There are many other locations but we don't need a fourth gas station one-mile away from the other three."

The commission appointed by the City was supposed to make the final decision on Wednesday, but the developer asked for a continuance.

Now, the commission is expected to make the final decision on July 19.