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Fellow officer on Southport Lt. Aaron Allan's death & who he was: "The footprints he left are huge"

Lt. Allan touched life of Southport officer
Posted at 11:57 PM, Jul 28, 2017

SOUTHPORT, Ind.  – Blue ribbons were tied on the trees along Madison Avenue Friday evening – just yards away from where Southport Lt. Aaron Allan was fatally shot.

Police and neighbors in the community said they felt moved to take action to honor the life of Allan.

Southport Officer Cameron Ellis said Allan not only impacted his life, but touched the lives of others as well. Ellis said he and Allan were close and were recently making jokes about the outfits they would wear while working the Indiana State Fair in a few weeks.




“I just really didn't want to leave the police department last night... I just really didn't want to leave his side,” said Ellis. “Because I know that he wouldn't have left mine."

Ellis said he was over Allan’s house a couple of weeks ago to catch up.

"I've been to the hospital numerous times when I worked for the city of Southport,” said Ellis. “One person that keeps replaying in my mind other than my friends and family has been lieutenant Allan. He sat by my side for numerous hours when nobody else was there, just to make sure I was OK."




Allan was fatally shot Thursday while responding to a crash in Homecroft. Lt. Allan was rushed to Eskenazi Hospital where he later died. He was a six-year veteran of the Southport Police Department.

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