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St. Elmo mystery couple comes forward

Doug and Carol Collins are from Indianapolis
Posted at 3:18 PM, Jan 03, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Mystery solved.

The unidentified couple in the photo hanging on the wall at St. Elmo Steakhouse has come forward.

They are Doug and Carol Collins of Indianapolis.

Recently, the landmark downtown restaurant went public in its efforts to identify the man and woman in the small color photo that was placed on the wall of celebrities some time ago.

One thing led to another and Doug and Carol showed up at St. Elmo this week to tell their story.

St. Elmo mystery photo couple located

The couple comes to St. Elmo occasionally and on Doug's 40th birthday in 2013, they taped the photo to the wall, hoping it would last at least one year. Seven years later, it's still there, filling what had been an empty space.

"After several times being seated here, at the table, we thought the only thing that makes sense is for our picture to fill that void," said Doug. "On the back of the photo I wrote, 'placed here on my 40th birthday and with all due respect, unless you are taking this down to put up a real celebrity, we would kindly ask that you put it back up."

The photo has stayed in place, undisturbed. "About once a year, we come up to see if its still up and we actually sit at this table and we're amazed that we sit here and have dinner and we sit here by our photo and no one recognizes us," said Carol.

St. Elmo management is not upset. In fact, Doug and Carol were treated to a meal, on the house.