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State prepares for high voter turnout

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 17, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana's presidential primaries are likely to receive attention from both parties. Are the state and county election offices ready for potential huge voter turnout? 

Secretary of State Connie Lawson says "it is very possible" that Indiana could be the deciding factor. None of the presidential candidates have won enough delegates to become the nominee. 

And with 57 delegates up for grabs for the Republicans in Indiana, and 92 for the Democrats, the state will have a say. 

Indiana's primary is May 3. Lawson says her office is preparing for similar voter turnout to 2008. That's when 40 percent of voters cast ballots in the primary, and 60 percent weighed in for the general election. It's double the turnout in a typical year. 

Lawson says her office is testing the statewide voter registration system. She expects an unprecedented volume, and adds, two back up sites are ready to go if needed. 

Lawson and her employees met Thursday to make sure everything is prepared if a recount is needed. 

 "We have an exciting voter outreach campaign that we're developing and we'll be starting to roll that out here very soon. We're going to be reminding people that they need to register to vote and then obviously after that registration, we'll remind them to get out to vote on May 3," Lawson said. 

Voters in 16 states will go to the polls before Indiana's primary. 

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