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Stranded motorists evacuated off of I-465 overpass via ladder

Posted at 5:46 AM, Dec 17, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Motorists stranded for hours on I-465 had to be evacuated off of an overpass via a ladder due to icy conditions.

Dozens of drivers were stuck Friday night into Saturday morning on the interstate that circles Indianapolis after a sheet of ice formed on parts of the roadway across Marion County just before 11 p.m. Many other highways experienced similar issues.

The overpasses took the worst of the freeze, stranding semis and causing accidents as cars slid on the ice unexpectedly.

After being stranded for hours and the overpass becoming too slick to even walk on, Wayne Township and Indianapolis firefighters had to evacuate motorists via ladder off the roadway.

Tow trucks will begin to remove abandoned cars from Indy roadways once conditions improve. Some drivers reported being stranded for up to 9 hours or more.

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