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Strangers post trucks for boy attacked by dogs

Posted at 11:04 PM, Apr 07, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A vicious dog attack on a young boy in Johnson County has triggered a rallying cry for an entire online community.

On a Facebook page created by Ashley Holmes, pictures of monster trucks are being posted for moral support – not for her, but for the son of her dear friend.

Seven-year-old Phoenix was seriously hurt when he was attacked by two Rottweilers at his babysitter's house. He spent three days at Riley Hospital after the attack.

"I feel helpless for him," Holmes said. "He's a great little boy. I couldn't so anything for him. I can't make him feel better. I couldn't go up there. The only thing I could think of was to try to make him smile."

So Holmes asked on social media for people to post pictures of his favorite things.

Plainfield businessman – and total stranger – Mike Mendenhall saw the post and took things further. He designated his shop, Raymond's Auto and Truck Repair, as a drop-off place for donations. He's also organizing a parade, of sorts.

On Saturday, dozens of well-wishers will drive their actual diesel trucks to Perry Park to surprise Phoenix with the special delivery.

"Never met him," Mendenhall said. "Just, no kid deserves to be like that. What could be the worst week of his life right now … let's cheer him up."

The public is invited to attend the event Saturday at Perry Park in Greenwood.

The Rottweilers who attacked Phoenix have been quarantined inside their owner's house.


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