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'Super RFRA' bill killed for legislative session

Posted at 10:07 AM, Jan 27, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indiana Senate committee will not vote on Senate Bill 66, also known as "Super RFRA," killing it for this legislative session.

Republican Senator Michael Young, who authored the bill, said the it is about protecting core values for Indiana's citizens, such as the right to worship.

Senate Committee Chairman Brent Steele said the timing was was incorrect for the bill.

Freedom Indiana, an organization that wanted to stop the Super RFRA law, tweeted its support of the bill failing. Members of the Indy Chamber were also not in support of SB 66.

“We’ve been clear from the beginning that this bill does nothing to solve the problem of discrimination against LGBT people, but instead sent the message that some Indiana lawmakers are still not serious about making certain that all people have equal rights. Moving forward, we must focus on real solutions to our real problems,” Indy Chamber CEO Michael Huber said in a statement.. 


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