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Plainfield PD arrests 3 teens for bank robberies

Posted at 11:43 PM, Apr 04, 2016

PLAINFIELD, Ind. -- Police have arrested three teens in connection with recent bank robberies in Hendricks County. 

Police have arrested a 16-year-old female, 17-year-old male, and an 18-year-old identified as Kyle Rhoades.

The teens allegedly used bank robbery money on clothes, marijuana and even a trip to Florida. 

The latest robbery occurred Monday night at the First National Bank in Plainfield, where police say all three suspects were involved. 

Police say the 16 and 17-year-old are the suspects in the robbery of a PNC Bank in Clayton on March 23.

Another robbery happened in Plainfield earlier this month. The robber in that case handed the teller a note demanding $10,000 and then ran away on Shady Lane.

A fourth robbery at the North Salem Bank in Danville at the beginning of March is also thought to be connected.

Charges have only been filed in the robberies at the First National Bank in Plainfield and the PNC Bank in Clayton, however detectives believe charges will be filed in connection with the others. 

According to court documents, detectives received a tip Tuesday about three possible suspects involved in the bank robberies. The tipster told police that after the robbery Monday night at the First National Bank in Plainfield, the suspects had gotten into a silver Kia and left the area. 

After police found an address for one of the suspects, a detective went to the address and saw a silver Kia and a Gold Chevy Malibu. The detective noticed the 16 and 17-year-old get into the car and leave the area. He notified police officers, who stopped the car for a minor traffic violation. During the stop, it was determined that the driver was operating the vehicle on a driver's permit. The two were taken to the police station for interviews. 

During an interview, the 17-year-old male suspect told the detective he saw Rhoades after the first robbery and he had a backpack with a lot of money in it and give him a $20 bill. The teen also said he saw the coverage of the robbery on a news station and thought it was Rhoades. 

The teen then told police he and the female suspect drove to the PNC Bank in Clayton, Indiana on March 23, where they went inside and passed a note to the teller demanding money. When they left the area, the teens removed the clothes they had worn and threw them out the window. Several of those clothing items were found by police that day and sent to the Indiana State Police Lab for forensic evaluation. 

The teen then said that on April 4, Rhoades asked him to go look for cameras at the First National Bank on East Main Street in Plainfield and he would pay him $300. The teen said he went into the bank, and as he was leaving, Rhoades was walking in. The teen said he left the bank and went to the car where the female teen was waiting with her two siblings, a 5-year-old and 2-year-old. 

According to court documents, the female teen confirmed the story about the bank robbery in Clayton and said she stood off to the side while the male teen went up to the counter and passed a note to the teller. She also allegedly told detectives that she and the other teen, along with her two siblings, drove Rhoades to the area of the First National Bank on Main Street in Plainfield and dropped him off. 

Detectives received permission from the grandmother of the male teen to enter an apartment in the 2200 block of Crown Plaza Boulevard to look for Rhoades. Upon entering the apartment, officers found Rhoades asleep on the couch. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station for an interview. While patting him down, an officer found a folded stack of money in his rear left pocket.

Three of the bills were matched to the documented serial numbered recorded bills taken from the robbery on Monday. 

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