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Syrian family finds refuge, new beginning in Indianapolis

Posted at 7:47 PM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 03:47:04-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- After fleeing the violence in Aleppo, a Syrian family is making a new home for themselves in Indianapolis. 

Fathi and Shereen brought their 8-year-old son to the United States to keep him safe and to get the medical attention he needs.

Fearing for their safety in Aleppo, the couple fled to Turkey with their son, Jowan.

The family was granted refuge in the United States after nearly three years of vetting. But President Trump's travel ban held up their plans. 

“We were in Istanbul, Turkey, when we first heard about the decision, and we were extremely surprised because we were all packed up and ready to go," said Fathi. 

They finally made their way to America after the ban was overturned earlier this month. The Exodus Refugee Center is now helping them get on their feet in their new home. 

 “I wish to feel accepted here. I will share that love back with other people in Indiana,” said Sheeran.

The refugee center will help the couple find work and get on the path to becoming American citizens. And Jowan will get enrolled in school and receive the medical attention he needs. 

“He’s 8-years-old, and he’s never received medical treatment. In Syria or Turkey. He doesn’t walk, and we are hopeful that he receives the medical attention that he deserves here,” said Fathi.

The Exodus Refugee Center works with families for up to five years after they arrive in the United States.