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IMPD: Transparency is priority in shooting

Posted at 5:17 PM, Apr 06, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- There is a sense by some in the community that information about an officer-involved shooting Tuesday night is not being released in a timely manager. 

An Indianapolis police officer shot and killed Kevin Hicks, 44, at a Marathon gas station on the city's east side after police say he fought with the officer. 

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Rev. Charles Harrison made his feelings known on Twitter. 

"We just want the truth. Whatever the truth is, we can accept that and live with that, but we certainly want the truth as quickly as possible," Harrison said. 

IMPD Chief Troy Riggs has said that transparency is a priority for the department, and Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham was on the scene last night personally handling questions. She said detectives in the field are talking to witnesses, and gathering information. 

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"This is open-ended. We want to hear from them and we want them to hear from us. That's what transparency is. That's what we are trying to share with what we know and we are sharing it when we know it," Deputy Chief Cunningham said. 

While that investigation continues, police experts say while it may seem like there are more and more police shootings, that is actually not the case across the country. 

"I think it's the nature of the times. They get more publicity. Police shootings are not on the rise, they are on the decline. Your chances of being shot by a police officer is the same as being struck by lightning," Jim White said. 

Metro police is pursuing acquiring body cameras for their officers, but that has not happened yet. 

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