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The City of Westfield deletes Pride post causing confusion in the community

According to Westfield residents, the post was deleted per the Mayor Andy Cook’s request.
Posted at 7:18 PM, Jun 06, 2023

WESTFIELD — The City of Westfield made Facebook post recognizing Pride Month and it was later deleted.

According to Westfield residents, the post was removed per the Mayor Andy Cook’s request.

"It makes me frustrated. It makes me frustrated for residents of this city that just want to be accepted,” President of Westfield Pride Alisha Hunter said.

Westfield Pride Post

(*Above is a photo of the post that was deleted from the City of Westfield Facebook page.)

The post was made on Thursday, June 1st, the first day of Pride Month. It was removed by Friday. When Hunter asked the Mayor why the post was deleted, this is what she says he told her:

"When I asked him why it wasn't OK for the city to show that LGBTQ residents are welcome, he was visibly upset,” Hunter said. “He told me I was putting words in his mouth. He did not like that he was being questioned it seemed," Hunter said.

WRTV’s Meredith Hackler called, texted, emailed and even showed up to City Hall to try to get an answer as to why the post was deleted. She received no response and was told that the Mayor was out of the office.

Westfield residents say they just want the Mayor to be truthful.

"I would like to see honesty from the Mayor,” Westfield Resident Greg Platt said. “To say that we don't want to be involved in social issues flies in the face of other communications that have come out from the same media account. I would just like for him to say what he really thinks rather than try to hide behind the idea that he doesn't want to be involved in social issues."

"It wasn't surprising, but I do think it's very embarrassing,” Vice President of Westfield Pride Whitney Moore said. “Especially given the fact that surrounding cities in Hamilton County have figured it out like Carmel and Fishers. "

Leanne Zentz, who works in real estate in the area, worries actions like this could have an impact on Westfield’s economy.

"I do think there is an economic impact that our city is not considering,” Zentz said. “Those businesses that we want to attract they are not going to come here if we are doing things like this and saying things like this."

The Mayor and his office did not respond to our multiple requests for an interview or statement. Westfield's first official Pride event is happening in September.