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The Feeding Team helping food insecure families in Hamilton County

Feeding Team
Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-06 23:28:48-04

NOBLESVILLE — Wednesday afternoon is busy at the Feeding Team headquarters. Volunteers are working to get food out the door.

The food will be delivered to 54 free standing food pantries across Hamilton County. It's an idea that was started by Lisa and Mark Hall.

"It’s designed basically for gap families. Maybe they make too much money to qualify for food stamps or the trustees office, but yet they don’t make enough to make ends meet," said Lisa Hall.

Feeding Families outdoor Free Food pantries is the corporate charity of their business TalentLogistiX, Tech Trades and PinPoint Resources. A portion of all sales goes to buy food for the pantries. They also take donations.

The stand alone food pantries are open 24/7 with the motto "Take what you need, give what you can."

"A lot of the pantries you go to want your name, address and so much information. If you say you’re hungry, we believe you and there's food out there for you," said Hall.

Right now, the Feeding Team supplies 10,500 meals a month to families in Hamilton County. Hall says there are 44,000 families who are food insecure.

She says the numbers have only gone up since they started during COVID.

"The economy — inflation — it’s hurting a lot of people," said Hall.

The Hall's know about needing to make ends meet.

"The cost cutter beef stew from Kroger would be our meal for two days to get us from Wednesday to Friday. We were there. We know what it’s like. I know we are touching so many more lives," said Hall.

The Feeding Team is looking for volunteers. To find out more about their upcoming fundraiser or to help, visit their website.

A list of food pantries is below.

Feeding Team