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Remembering Southport police Lt. Aaron Allan: A father, a husband & first to rush to those in need

Remembering Southport Police Lt. Aaron Allan
Posted at 12:58 PM, Jul 28, 2017

SOUTHPORT, Ind. -- Southport police Lieutenant Aaron Allan was always one of the first on the scene when someone was in need. 

Thursday afternoon was no different. 

But instead of saving a life like he had done numerous times in the past, Lt. Allan was inexplicably met with gunfire. 

As Lt. Allan was walking up to help people trapped inside of an overturned vehicle at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Maynard Drive, shots rang out, striking him multiple times. He was rushed to Eskenazi Hospital where he later died. 

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"He actually had a nickname, it was Teddy Bear," said Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn. "It's because he tried to act all macho, but when a citizen or someone needed help he was one of the first guys that was always there. So he got nicknamed that. He didn't always like that nickname but it fit him. It was who he really was." 



Lt. Allan was well known in his community, both for his work on the force and for his dedication to making his city a better place. He was a husband, a father and served as a reserve member of the Southport Police Department for nearly six years before being promoted to full time this past January.

Because of that dedication, his promotion came as no surprise to those that knew him, including Southport Mayor Russell McClure. 

"I was on the committee that interviewed him and hired him," said Mayor McClure. "He was by far the best candidate we had for the full-time position.He was just a fantastic guy. It's a terrible terrible loss for the city."

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While working as a reserve, Lt. Allan was also a police officer at Franklin Central High School. He gave up that position when he joined the force full time. 

The Franklin Township School Corporation shared the following message on their Facebook page:

"It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to one of our former Franklin Township employees. Aaron Allan was a dedicated police officer at Franklin Central High School prior to departing in December. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Allan family and all first responders."

Chief Vaughn said even after his promotion, Lt. Allan continued to work with kids in the community because it was just part of who he was. 

"He was involved in the community and he was involved in reaching out to the youth," said Chief Vaughn. 

Chief Vaughn described Lt. Allan as a family man who loved to hunt and fish but was dedicated to his job as a police officer. 

"His mom told me today that he'd always wanted to be a policeman," said Chief Vaughn, "He took that to heart."

Hours before he was shot and killed, Lt. Allan walked his 5-year-old son to his first day of kindergarten. 

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In 2015, Lt. Allan was named Officer of the Year after saving not one, but two lives the year before. 

"They had a guy in cardiac arrest when he was working part time at the fairgrounds and he saved his life," said Chief Vaughn. "He also had another incident where someone had OD'd on Heroin and he was there with Narcan, He searched for about two hours in the rain to find her."



Lt. Allan's death is a hard blow for the small police force. 

"Without the support of our family - which is all police - it would be hard to get through this evening," said Vaughn. 

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain under investigation.

A GoFundMe account has been set up by the Southport police chief for the wife and children of Lt. Allan.  All of the money donated will go directly to the family. Find out more here.