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There may be a reason for all of the turkey vs. vehicle collisions in Indiana

Posted at 1:55 PM, Apr 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 08:56:49-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- It seems you can't drive in Indiana these days without a wild turkey smashing into your windshield. Okay, we're kidding, but it may seem like that after three high-profile instances of turkey vs. windshields last week alone.

First, there was the New Jersey family driving along U.S. 20 in LaPorte County when a 30-pound tom turkey flew through their windshield.

Then last Wednesday, a turkey and a state trooper's car collided along State Road 56 in Scottsburg.

And again in LaPorte County on Friday, another state trooper's car was hit.





So, is this just coincidence or is there a reason for all of these turkey crashes? We went to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to find out.  

Biologist Steven Backs says turkeys start to undergo some hormonal transformations around this time to get them ready for the spring breeding season.

Backs says since roadways pose a barrier to mating, the turkeys probably have a greater tendency to want to fly over them versus run across them.

Turkeys don't take long flights so these are just quick moments when they encounter obstacles - like windshields - in their paths.

And like collisions with deer, your best bet is not to swerve to miss a turkey.  You are better off hitting it because swerving may cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

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