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There's a calf in Indiana named 'Victor OlaBeefo' and he has an injured leg, too

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Posted at 8:44 AM, Mar 29, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — There's a calf in Indiana named Victor OlaBeefo, seriously.

Patricia Ashley says the calf was born at her grandfather’s farm in Trafalgar.

“I asked my grandpa if I could name our newest calf born with a leg injury,” she posted on social media. “He said ‘only if it’s a good name.’ Everyone, meet Victor OlaBeefo.”


Olabeefo was born in an old school Indiana barn with a basketball hoop in the hay loft, according to Ashley.

As for his leg, Ashley says it wasn’t quite the same as Oladipo's injury. OlaBeefo’s leg was injured during his birth.

“Sometimes there are complications with larger calves, and this was that instance,” she said.

OlaBeefo resides with Forest “Hink” Albertson and his wife, Pat, on the Albertson Charolais Farm.

Ashley says he’s currently being bottle fed and is “recovering nicely.”