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Thieves steal religious statues from man's Indianapolis front yard

Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 31, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis man wants to know stole religious statues from his front yard.

Howard Mimms takes pride in the statues he puts in his front yard, many of them religious statues.

Mimms says he’s upset after coming home to find that some of them have disappeared. He said it’s not just a monetary loss, but a sentimental one too.

 “People stop by all the time and say your yard is so beautiful,” said Mimms.

Mimms said someone stole four of his religious statues right out of his yard near 42nd and Sherman Avenue.

He said their value is around $1,000, but their sentimental value far exceeds that. Mimms said he paints each of his statues, to give them a personal touch.

“Sort of ironic they would only take heavenly images that bad. If they really wanted heavenly images that bad they ought to come to church and get the lord in their life,” said Mimms.

Although he has other statues, Mimms said the four missing statues are a big loss for him. And he’s not sure if he will replace them, because he doesn’t want to see them get stolen again.