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Man wrote about 'decision' before Camby shooting

Posted at 6:25 PM, Apr 05, 2016

CAMBY, Ind. -- Hours before shooting his estranged wife and then killing himself, Thomas Himes posted a cryptic message online saying he had a "decision to make.'

Himes, 60, and his wife Nina, 53, were going through an acrimonious divorce. A pre-trial hearing on battery charges Nina filed against her husband was scheduled for Monday.

Instead of meeting at a courthouse, the couple instead met in the parking lot in front of the Rancho Grande restaurant in Camby.

The meeting ended with Nina shot twice and her husband dead.

Click the image below for pictures from the scene:

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Before his death, Himes had maintained a website about his case. The site included a police report filed against him for alleged domestic battery and polygraph test results.

It also contained a page titled "Final Thought" with just the following post:

It's April 4, 2016 at 2:41am.  I am contemplating today's events.  A pretrial is scheduled for tomorrow and a jury trial is scheduled for April 13th.  Sadly this matter is being taken to a trial, where although the chances for conviction are slim, who wants to risk their freedom and all that they built for a lie.  During this plight I discovered many men have faced this problem and the challenges it entails.  My wife enjoys my pain and anger.  A few weeks ago, she had the audacity to smile at me as she entered the court clerks' office for the divorce hearing.  Quelling anger that day was quite a challenge and my attorney felt the discomfort.  Today, I have a decision to make.?

Nina Himes was recovering at Eskenazi Hospital and was reportedly cooperating with police.


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