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Tips to keep your home safe from fires

Posted at 11:14 AM, Nov 22, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An average of seven people die in the United States every day from house fires. 

Officials are trying to warn Indianapolis residents, making sure they know what to do so a fire doesn't spark in their house.

One of the causes of house fires is a space heater.

"At night, we don't want to be running these space heaters," Wayne Township Fire Department Captain Mike Pruitt said. "That's why we get blankets. Add more blankets, not more space heaters."

Pruitt said to keep all space heaters three feet from anything combustible. 

Most new space heaters have tilt features, so it will turn off if it falls over. Don't use extension cords with a space heater.

Another hazard to avoid is leaving candles unattended. 

Samantha Sparks, an Indianapolis resident, enjoys burning candles but says she's careful because of her cats.

There are also dangers for people who decide to heat their houses with the oven or with burners. 

"We absolutely discourage that, completely," Pruitt said, 

Take the time to have somebody clean and inspect your furnace. That can be a place where fires begin.

The last line of defense is a smoke alarm. Make sure you have a working one.