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Trafalgar home opening with a mission to save the lives of teen moms and their babies in crisis pregnancies

Yadi Garcia
Bedrooms for moms and babies
Rita Norwood
The main area
The kitchen
Angelcare Inc. house
Posted at 4:57 AM, Jun 07, 2024

TRAFALGAR, Ind. -- A new home set to open this summer in Trafalgar will open doors to brighter futures for young moms and their babies.

The Angelcare Inc. house is a labor of love, spanning 7 years of construction and even more years of raising funds.

"Come on in, let me show you around," said Yadi Garcia, President and CEO of Angelcare, a nonprofit organization on a mission to save lives.

Yadi Garcia
Yadi Garcia is the President and CEO of Angelcare Inc. and gives a tour of the home set to open this summer.

She opens the front door to a newly-constructed, 9,000 square foot home nestled on 4 acres in Johnson County.

The concept for the house is a first for the state of Indiana, as they will be able to house minors who find themselves in crisis and unplanned pregnancy situations.

Angelcare provides support to teen moms in need during their pregnancy and beyond.

"Not just to walk alongside them through their pregnancy journey, but to stay with them to help them prepare for a bright future for them and their babies," said Garcia. "The idea, again, is to save two lives. That's the mission of Angelcare."

The dream of a maternity facility and home for these often homeless young women started more than two decades ago with a woman named Rita Norwood, Angelcare's founder.

Rita Norwood
Angelcare's founder Rita Norwood started the organization after she says she got a message from God to care for these young women and babies.

"The Angelcare house, this ministry, was Rita Norwood's vision," said Garcia. "But at the end of the day, it's still God's mission."

Norwood says she heard a call from God for her to create this ministry for young women, she got to work with the teens and their babies and started fundraising for this home.

Since that time, the organization has been able to raise over a million dollars for this project. They broke ground in 2015 after paying off the land, and unfortunately Norwood passed from illness in 2016.

But thanks to others like Garcia, volunteers and community partners, the mission of Angelcare carries on.

"So I truly believe that Angelcare is the first line of defense against, not just abortion, but against young girls that are facing a crisis pregnancy, facing crisis or poverty themselves," Garcia said.

Garcia says most of the girls they help off-site at this time are ages 13, 14 and 15. These are young women who cannot drive to appointments and many when they come to them are very pregnant and have not been to a doctor. They may be homeless and without any support from their families.

"Because these are children themselves," said Garcia. "They are not able to fend for themselves."

Angelcare not only provides rides and support for appointments, but several other services which will continue to expand in big ways inside the Angelcare house, which can hold up to 12 young women as well as two house moms and a house sister.

The house moms live on-site in their own separate apartments, which is necessary since most of the girls staying here are minors.

The main area
The home is spacious and furnished thanks to generous supporters. The young women will learn life skills in this space and get help to finish their educations.

"We can support them and then ultimately, that support extends on to the babies," Garcia said.

At Angelcare, the young ladies will be provided with a place to stay for up to two years after giving birth, with a goal of reconciling with their families if possible. That will all be determined on a case by case basis.

They will have assistance getting to doctor appointments, will learn life skills like cooking and cleaning. The basement they plan to convert into a classroom, recreation area and chapel. The young ladies will receive help finishing their high school education. Thanks to community partners they will get counseling services, mentors, career services, nutrition, postpartum care and more.

Garcia says this is how the community can support life, but not only saving the babies, but by creating opportunities for the mothers. This is regardless of if they chose adoption or bringing their baby back to Angelcare house with them. Garcia says they have a chance at a bright future for their family.

The kitchen
The kitchen appliances were donated by Greenwood Rotary. Here the women will learn to cook for themselves and their babies.

"Saving one mom, one baby can impact future generations," Garcia said.

In order to continue this mission to provide these services for the women who stay at Angelcare, the organization needs support from donors, volunteers and community partners.

"Building this beautiful house is the easy part," said Garcia. " Sustaining it is going to be the greatest challenge."

Angelcare Inc. house
The 9,000 square foot home sits on 4 acres in Trafalgar. Angelcare Inc. owns the home, debt-free, thanks for fundraising efforts.

The Angelcare house will house girls ages 13 to 19 and they will start by opening it up for girls in Johnson County and then try to meet any other needs outside of the nearby community as they are able.

They also plan to create programming for the young fathers who want to be involved in the lives of their babies but don't have the support they need.

If you are interested in learning more or want to make a donation, visit their website