TRAFFIC: How to get to IMS on Sunday

Posted at 4:21 PM, May 26, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the challenges Indy 500 fans will face on Sunday is exactly how to get to IMS.

Race officials say have a plan and be patient. There will be more traffic than usual heading to the track. They suggest leaving two hours earlier than your normally would.

Directions to IMS:

  • From I-465, take exits onto 10th St., Crawfordsville Rd., 38th St., or Rockville Rd.
  • From I-65, take exits onto 38th St., Kessler Blvd., Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.
  • From I-70, take exits onto West Street, Holt Rd.

Police want to remind you that there is a roundabout that connects 16th St./Crawfordsville Rd./Main St. You cannot access Georgetown Rd. from the roundabout.

Inbound traffic road closures:

  • All roads around IMS close an hour before the start of the race and remain closed during the race
  • Holt Rd. from Washington St. to 16th St
  • 10th St. from White River West Dr. to Lynhurst Dr.
  • Polco St. from 10th St. to 16th St.

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It's also going to take longer to leave IMS and head home because of the crowds. You will need to be aware of several changes in traffic patterns and closures.

Dedicated outbound routes:

  • Crawfordsville Rd. will be westbound only
  • Rockville Rd. will be westbound only from Lynhurst Dr. to I-465
  • Moller Rd. will be northbound only from 30th St. to 38th St.
  • 38th St. will be used to get vehicles to either I-65 or I-465

Outbound exit ramp closures: 

  • I-70 to Holt Rd.
  • I-465 to Rockville Rd.
  • I-465 to 10th St. 

One-way outbound traffic patterns:

  • 16th Street eastbound from IMS Gate 2 to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd.
  • I-65 can be accessed by going north or south on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd.
  • 30th St. eastbound from IMS Gate 10a to I-65
  • Lynhurst Dr.  southbound from Crawfordsville Rd. to 10th St.
  • 10th St. westbound from Lynhurst Dr. to I-465

There is some good news. INDOT is halting construction on Indianapolis interstates for race weekend. 

INDOT traffic management staff will also be monitoring traffic cameras, working with law enforcement, and posting important information to the dynamic message signs during the race. 

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