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Trump defends Pence's support of Iraq war in '60 Minutes' interview

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-18 16:10:01-04

Republican Donald Trump is defending his new running mate Ind. Gov. Mike Pence's support for the Iraq War, despite criticizing rival Hillary Clinton for voting to authorize it.

Asked about their difference of opinion about the war during their first joint interview on "60 Minutes," Trump was dismissive.

Trump says he doesn't care because: "It's a long time ago" and "they were also misled."

Trump often cites his opposition to the war as evidence of his judgment on foreign policy -- despite evidence that he actually supported the invasion early on.

He's cited Clinton's vote as an example of her bad judgment, but says Pence is "entitled to make a mistake every once in a while."

But when it comes to Clinton, he says: "She's not."

The interview focused mainly on Trump and his plans for the country should he become president. But he shared some insight into why he chose Pence for the role.

"I got to know him very well [during the Indiana primary] and I gained great respect for him," Trump said. "And I looked at the numbers, meaning the financials, which we would say in business. But I looked at the numbers. Unemployment? What a great job he did. Jobs? What a great job he did. Triple-A rating on his bonds."

Trump said he's been receiving support from Republicans on the choice. 

"I have seen more people that, frankly, did not like me so much, and now they're saying, 'What a great pick,'" Trump said. "You see the kind of reaction. He has helped bring the party together."

Trump said his relationship with Pence will be a positive throughout the campaigning process.

"I think we will have very, very good chemistry," Trump said. "I feel that. And I can feel that pretty early on. I don't think you need to be with somebody for two years to find that out."