Two proposed changes to state gun laws

Posted at 11:05 PM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 23:05:10-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- The 2016 legislative session could include a contentious battle over gun rights.

A proposal in the House would get rid of the state law that requires a permit to carry a handgun.

"Unless you're prohibited from carrying a gun in the State of Indiana, you're going to get a license. So if you're prohibited from carrying it, and you're carrying a gun, you're breaking laws anyway," said Rep. Jim Lucas, (R) Seymour.

Lucas is also sponsoring a proposal that would prohibit state colleges and universities from regulating the possession of guns on campus.

"People who have it in their mind to murder innocent women and children - laws aren't going to stop them. The only thing a gun law does is prevent the lawful person from being able to defend themselves," said Lucas.

The ideas aren't sitting well with house Democrats.

Representative Ed Delaney argues that state has few regulations on guns left.

"And they're the hardcore central provisions of the law. I don't want to see those changed. We need to move in the other direction to protect our public more, not in this direction," said Rep. Delaney, (D) Indianapolis.

Governor Pence says he hasn't reviewed the proposals yet, but he says he thinks the state has a good "framework" of laws in place to protect second amendment rights.

"When we look at some of the violence that's beset communities around the country, I believe now more than ever it's more important that we protect the right of law-abiding citizens in this state," said Pence.

No word yet if or when the bills will be discussed for the first time.


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