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UIndy launches stackable MBA to allow students to customize their education

The ways of the business world are always changing, now UIndy is offering a new MBA program to help adapt to the needs of the business community.
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Posted at 10:54 PM, Jun 26, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — The ways of the business world are always changing. For people looking to advance their career, furthering their education is often a requirement.

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"I want to be a future business owner in Indiana someday,” Kevin Todd an MBA Student at UIndy said. “So all the skills and knowledge I am learning now and will learn I believe will be beneficial to achieving that goal “

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Todd is currently a legislative assistant for the Indiana House of representatives. To help him achieve that goal of being a business owner he is getting his MBA from the University of Indianapolis.

"Being able to customize was pretty important but also having a hybrid schedule,” Todd said. “Some programs offer strictly in person or strictly online. Being able to be online and in person was really attractive to me."

Todd will be getting his MBA differently though; he is taking part in UIndy’s new stackable MBA program. The program breaks down the degree into professional certifications that allows learners to come to UIndy and focus on a specific business area.

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"Businesses are warming up to the efficiency of a model where students can quickly acquire a professional certification,” Michael Hasik the Director of Graduate Business Programs at the University of Indianapolis said.

The school is providing this opportunity so they can make the education available to a wider range of learners. The program is hybrid so some in person and some online. The curriculum break down is as follows.

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Everyone will take a business fundamentals certificate. This will cover what UIndy feel are the core functional areas of a modern MBA program.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Project management
  • Financial Management

From there students will select two elective certificates.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Finance
  • Global Supply chain management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing

According to the National Center for Education Statisticsan MBA is the most popular higher education degree people seek. However, it comes with a hefty price tag.

The Education Data Initiative reports the average price of an MBA is just under $60,000. The price for UIndy’s stackable MBA is just under $25,000.

The price and customization is something employers say will help them guide their employees on the right path.

"I think that this opens the door as another option for people that I would be willing to give them,” Emilee Smith a Partner at London Witte an accounting company in Indianapolis said. “I can now say you know have you considered this? You might be able to complete a specific area faster than you would be able to a full master’s degree and still hit that requirement. "

Uindy's program is open for applications now and launches in August. For more information click here.