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Convicted double murderer wants early release

Posted at 5:59 PM, Sep 17, 2015

NEW CASTLE, Ind. -- A convicted double murderer has asked to be released from prison early.

The murder victim’s relatives are outraged that they were not notified that Kenneth Alvies had a hearing and was in the county without their knowledge.

On April 4, 2000, police were called to a home in New Castle and found the bodies of 30-year-old James Davis and 35-year-old Donnie Nickelson.

Kenneth Alvies was eventually found guilty of their murders and was sentenced to 59 years in prison. He has been serving that sentence in Michigan City, but was back in Henry County for a post-conviction relief hearing.

"He should still be up in Michigan City serving that time. What is so upsetting to us is that we, as a family, were supposed to be notified with any transfers, trials, hearings appeals, anything. None of us were,” Krista Davis Keith said.

“It's definitely a surprise, a shock. I felt like I got a kick in the stomach knowing that the man who killed my husband, Jimmy, is in town and we weren't given the courtesy of a phone call. He is a danger to society. What if he was to breakout?” Karen Nickelson said.

The Department of Corrections said the families were notified by letter, but apparently did not arrive in time. They said they can change their notification to phone, email, or text message.

The family is also concerned that Alvies has been posting pictures on Facebook. The Department of Corrections acknowledges Alvies has been disciplined for the behavior.

In his hearing, Alvies tried to prove that his trial attorney was ineffective and he should be granted a new trial. A decision should be made within 30 days.