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Vigil to honor Gaza victims on Monument Circle

Group calls on Senator Young
Posted at 10:29 AM, May 19, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — As violence continued in the middle east, Hoosiers are voicing their opinions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Demonstrators held a candlelight vigil on Monument Circle Tuesday night to honor the victims in Gaza, and to call on lawmakers to condemn the violence. The event included statements, poetry and spoken word.

Organizers say making their voices heard is an important step in their mission.

"Speaking publicly and loudly and having all these people hear us is really important because if it wasn't that important they wouldn't be this scared right; if they didn't know that we were here and we are preaching the message and are preaching the message of equality and justice they wouldn't censor like they are right now," a protester told WRTV. "The most important thing that we're doing right now is raising awareness."

During the day, multiple groups also held a protest calling attention to violence against Palestinians, and Israel's attacks on Gaza. They walked from Monument Circle to Sen. Todd Young's office. They want him to condemn the violence and attacks and take steps to stop U.D. military aid to Israel.