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Volunteers plant roses at Indiana War Memorials

Posted at 2:29 PM, Jun 21, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — COVID-19 is impacting the work that needs to be done to keep the gardens at the Indiana War Memorials looking pretty.

Typically, prisoners who have a year or less left to serve come and plant flowers, but the virus has put a stop to that work this year.

However, thanks flowers are still getting planted thanks to local volunteers who are stepping up.

On Saturday, members with the November Project, a free fitness movement, spent the morning volunteering and planting roses. So far this year, volunteers helped plant more than 3,000 annuals and 80 rose bushes.

"It was really exciting this year when we got connected with the November project folks because its a large group," Pat Spence said. "Otherwise, its just small groups from buildings around generally. That works well, too, and we appreciate them, but with the November Project, we can come in and do a large project planting 80 roses at once in one day."

Volunteers said planting flowers at the Indiana War Memorials was a was to give back while still maintaining social distancing.

"Being able to come out with gorgeous plants, have everything look nice and be clean helps us with our mission, too, having these free community spaces," Rachel Rollison said. "We think it's important to keep this area nice and clean and pretty."

You can sign up to volunteer at the Indiana War Memorials Foundation website.