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Lt. Aaron Allan is latest name on 1st mobile memorial for Ind. officers killed in the line of duty

Posted at 10:30 AM, Aug 05, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- A Wheatfield police officer has created a mobile memorial to honor all Indiana officers who have lost their lives In the line of duty.

Wheatfield Police Department Officer Cody Hayworth created the memorial car with his father from a car he had that wasn’t being used.

The car currently has over 430 names of officers and K9 officers who have given their lives.

“We started this because of the Dallas officers that died last year,” said Officer Hayworth. “It got me thinking, there’s no mobile tribute that can go around to other places and hopefully we can start going out more and more.”

Lt. Aaron Allan’s funeral is the first police officer funeral that Officer Hayworth has attended since the memorial was created. Lt. Allan’s name is prominently displayed on the side of the car and the bottom of the driver’s door.

Officer Hayworth said going forward every officer that dies in the line of duty will be honored this way before their names are placed on the memorial list.

On the truck of the car is a large “10-42” with all of the officers’ names, a number

“When an officer says 10-42 they’ve completed their shift for that day and get to go home,” said Officer Hayworth. “Today will be Lt. Allan’s last 10-42, meaning he doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore and we can take it from here.”

Officer Hayworth has also created a Facebook page to share information about the mobile memorial and information about officers being honored.

Officer Hayworth said he plans to take the car around the state to fairs and other events. 

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