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This Haunted Indiana Road Trip is only for the brave

Posted at 2:14 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2019-10-31 05:55:43-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Sure, Indiana is no Transylvania, but when it comes to scary attractions, the state is no slouch. If you're looking to get spooked with some of your best friends, look no further. compiled a "Haunted Indiana Road Trip" to make sure you get the scariest experience possible around Halloween.

So if you've got the time (and the gas money), let's go!1. Primrose Road - South Bend

Drive along the road at night, and don't go above 30 mph. If you're a speedster, your car will start to malfunction and you won't be able to call for help.

2. Barbee Hotel - Warsaw

Don't be fooled by the hotel's tame, child-like name. The Barbee Hotel is famous for hosting gangsters in the early 1900s. So the story goes, the hotel is haunted by the ghosts of the murdered girlfriends of the gangsters.

3. Randolph County Infirmary - Winchester

Going to an old asylum is scary enough, but organizers of the building even allow guests to stay overnight. They offer flashlight tours, guaranteed to be creepy.

4. Crown Hill Cemetery - Indianapolis

If you made it this far without a heart attack, congrats. Welcome to Indianapolis. This cemetery, where John Dillinger is buried, is known for ghost sightings on the grounds. 

5. Haunted Bridge - Avon

If you thought the bridge looked creepy, how about some of the stories behind it? One of the stories says a man died working on the bridge, with his body sealed inside the cement.

6. Stepp Cemetery - Martinsville

Keep heading south and you'll find the Stepp Cemetery in Martinsville. You may even see a woman "cloaked in darkness" guarding the grounds. She can also be seen sitting on a tree stump near a loved one's grave. Go ahead and remove the stump - we dare you.

7. The Story Inn - Nashville

The Brown County hotel is haunted by the Blue Lady - the wife of the building's founder, George Story. You can find blue items in the Inn's Garden Room.

8. Tunnelton Tunnel - Bedford

About as on the nose as it gets, Tunnelton is a small community in Bedford, Indiana. The tunnel is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a man killed while the tunnel was being built. According to OnlyInYourState, he was beheaded, and carries the severed head in his hand.

9. The Willard Library - Evansville

A beautiful building on the outside, the library is said to be haunted by the "Grey Lady." She was first seen nearly 90 years ago.