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WATCH: Brawl breaks out in Indy beauty store

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jan 22, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- A mother and her teenage daughter got into a fight with a beauty store owner, and it was all caught on surveillance video. 

Watch our video in the player above to hear firsthand from the teen and the store owner.

Scott Oh, owner of "Kings Beauty," says the pair started to leave the store on Thursday and the security alarm went off.

"I asked them if they had something that belongs to me. They said no, but I saw what looks like my merchandise in the daughter's jacket sleeves," Oh said.

He says they tried to steal $15 in hair dye, and what followed got violent.

"They were pulling me. They were punching me. They were kicking me," Oh said to RTV6.

Video (which you can see in our story) shows the violent fight.

Sixteen-year-old Kalijah Kennebrew says they didn't steal, and blames the business owner.

"I showed him everything that I had and he wasn't satisfied," Kennebrew said. "He said, 'I see you have tattoos on your chest. Let me see your breasts.'"

Oh denies saying that. Kennebrew says she couldn't stand by after seeing him fight with her mom.

"I'm not saying it was right, no. But we're two women, and if I see a man putting his hands on my mom, or if my mom feels a man is putting his hands, or even talking to her daughter in the (wrong) way, anybody would be upset," Kennebrew said.

Oh told us in his two decades in business both here in Indianapolis and in New York, this is the most violent episode he has ever been involved in.

Police arrested Kalijah and her mom, Kimberly, for battery. Investigators did not say whether the two women actually stole anything from the store.

Kalijah was released from juvenile detention, but her mother, Kimberly, was still in jail Friday afternoon.


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