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Peyton Manning's long-lasting economic impact

Posted at 5:08 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 17:08:15-05

INDIANAPOLIS – He's a two-time Super Bowl champion, and his Circle City fans are willing to pay top dollar for a part of his legacy.

His autograph is still in high demand four years after leaving the Colts, showing for some fans, it’s like Peyton Manning never left.

Fans like Donna Striby.

“It just spoke to me,” Striby said. “It said, ‘Buy me.’”

Call it a spur-of-the-moment gift for her husband, but Striby just had to spend $600 on a signed picture of Manning.

“(My husband) put all these cheap posters of Peyton in our guest bathroom,” Striby said. “So I’m here to put a nice poster up that’s framed and incredibly expensive, but he is so worth it.”

We’re not sure if she means Peyton or her husband, but in any case, that signed flashback from his time with the Colts came from a business that’s made bank on Manning.

“I knew it was going to be very popular in Indianapolis, because nobody dislikes Peyton Manning,” Collector’s Den General Manager Matt Hanlon said.

For the right price you can get your hands on jerseys, pictures and helmets at Collector’s Den – and get your hands on a piece of Peyton’s ever-growing legacy.

“Well, whatever you’ve got up to this point has been incomplete,” Hanlon said. “There are these people who have things signed from him that were signed ‘3X MVP,’ and then he won a fourth, and then he won a fifth. At this point, it is probably his final accomplishment outside of going to the Hall of Fame.”

Manning turning into a two-time champion means you will likely pay top dollar for a Peyton autograph. If it comes with a list of his accomplishments, Hanlon guesses you’ll pay about 15-percent more on top of that.

“When the new set of Super Bowl stuff comes, yes – there will be a premium attached,” Hanlon said.

And despite it being a picture of the past, Striby’s gift to her husband proves Peyton is still winning the hearts of Hoosiers.

“My husband will love this,” Striby said. “He’ll hug me. He’ll probably cry. It’s worth it!”

Collector’s Den says it expects to get the updated Manning memorabilia in 2-4 weeks.


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