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WATCH: Peyton Manning retro commercial

Posted at 4:30 PM, Mar 18, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- As Peyton Manning rattled off memory after memory of his time as an Indianapolis Colt in a press conference Friday, many in Indianapolis shared their own memories of the former quarterback. 

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One of those people was David Shank of Shank Public Relations Counselors. 

"Peyton didn’t have to sing in one of first TV spots we produced with him in June of 2000 for the local College 529 plan. He was a warm, friendly and outgoing guy with the kids in the scenes. As you would expect, he was super prepared, hit his marks, AND offered great suggestions to make the message even better. The video quality is typical 16-year old VHS but it has a nice retro feel!" Shank said an email. 

Watch the TV spot in the video player above.

It's hard to believe that something 16 years old has a "retro" feel, but one thing that has not changed over that time is Manning's ability to connect with people. 

Shank finished his email by writing, "What a career, what a great sports gentleman and nice guy." 

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