Heartwarming act by employee at Fayette County tree farm brightens Christmas for boy with autism

Heartwarming act by employee at Fayette County tree farm brightens Christmas for boy with autism
Posted at 8:45 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 20:51:00-05

CENTERVILLE, Ind. -- A kind gesture at a Fayette County tree farm is spreading some much-needed joy this holiday season.  

Julie Watt said she had planned to simply stop by Roehler's Christmas Tree Farm and pick out a pre-cut Christmas tree with her son, Ben. 

"Well, as any parent of a child with autism will tell you, "plans-schmans," she posted. 

That is, until an employee at the tree farm helped turn their night around and made a little boy's dreams of cutting down his own Christmas tree come true. 

Watt shared the heartwarming story on her Facebook page Monday evening. 

“Apparently, my son had a thought in his head that we were going to go wander the fields admiring and comparing trees, then finally choose the premier tree – to which a man with a saw would come teetering out of the woods and cut it down...” Watts wrote. “Then, we’d hoist it on our backs so heftily and march in from the field covered in sawdust and sweat, tying it to the top of our car with pride, and driving home whilst singing carols.”

Watt said the reality was less fairy-tale like. 

"We were starving, in a hurry, it was muddy and starting to rain again - and the sun was setting in 30 seconds, and I had a migraine," she posted. "I was very okay with his plan not happening, but he was not."

You see - Ben was convinced that all pre-cut trees were fake - and he was not taking home a fake tree. 

"He started a meltdown, refusing a tree that was not currently growing in a field," said Watt. "Positive that I'd have to wait until next week to get a tree, I started driving away... then Kevin from Roehler's stopped me."

After explaining her situation, Watt pointed out which tree she was interested in and Kevin went out into the field to make her little boy's dream of picking out a "real" Christmas tree come true. 

"Then that man stunned me forever and saved everything," wrote Watt. "He offered to pick up that tree, carry it on his back all the way out thru the muddy fields an stand it up in a row. Then, my son and I could 'happen upon it,' pick it, and he would 'fake cut it down' and haul it back for us... Everyone's a winner!"

"To Kevin at Roehler's Christmas Tree Farm: You have no idea how awesome you are! You completely saved our Christmas tonight and never complained once about all the extra work to sell me a tree you already had ready," Watt posted. "You took some of the 'hard' that goes with raising a child on the spectrum and lightened my load. You made him laugh and you made him happy and you made my week."

Read Watt's full narrative in the post below. 

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