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‘We got through Hitler; we will get through this': Indianapolis woman prays for family back home in Israel

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Posted at 6:38 PM, Oct 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-12 12:54:49-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Jewish communities across the world have been vocal about the tragic attack in Israel, and it’s the same case for many Jewish people WRTV has spoken to in the past few days.

“It’s our country. It’s where we feel the most safe. Things haven’t been like this since the holocaust and people are shook. It’s just devastating,” Dina Hasten said.

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Hasten was born in Israel, as well as her mother and the six generations before her. She says that her son is studying in the country, and he doesn’t want to leave despite the war. She says he calls the country home.

“It’s our traditions. It’s what makes me feel so ecstatic to be Jewish, apart from these beautiful people,” Hasten said.

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Those deep ties and traditions back home are what keep her going during this time.

“I think that’s what has triggered people so deeply. This seems like another holocaust. How can we stop this from happening,” Hasten said.

Hasten spoke about her family members who have been called upon to serve, some leaving entire families behind.

“That’s her son who is serving. His name is Eli. He has a wife and three kids,” Hasten said.

She says she wants Hoosiers to pray for those who are in Israel and those who are fighting.

“If I can ask one thing, when you go to bed tonight, just say a small prayer in whatever language. Just pray for our military to come home safe, our hostages to come home safe. It’s just a terrible time and we need all the prayers we can get,” Hasten said.