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What will Indiana GOP delegates do?

Posted at 6:37 PM, Apr 15, 2016

Indiana's Republican party named the 57 delegates who will represent the Hoosier Republicans in Cleveland this summer.

They include Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, Indiana's Secretary of State, Rep. Todd Rokita, the chairman of Donald Trump's Indiana campaign, and a member of the RNC, who has pledged to fight Trump's nomination with any means available. 

All 57 delegates are bound to the results of the May 3 primary, but at a contest convention, they become unbound on the second ballot. 

"Our rules show we're bound by that vote entirely, but how a convention is different than a regular voting process is that delegates to the convention are supposed to use the intent of the voters from that May 3 nominating process, but then their own experiences and information and judgment they get primarily from the candidates that are there in the second and third round," Rep. Rokita said.

"And so I'll be combining, not only the intent of the primary process voters, but also in the event that that candidate isn't there for the second or third round, you know, I'll have to take in information from the remaining candidates themselves-- that's what the convention is and that's what my duty as a delegate is." 

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