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More liquor licenses needed to increase business

Posted at 9:27 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 21:27:34-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Leaders in Boone County are asking state lawmakers to help clear the way for new development.

They say they need additional alcoholic beverage permits to bring business to the area.

Right now, the General Assembly determines the quota for liquor licenses based on the population of each community and many communities have hit that limit.

Lawmakers are discussing a bill that would allow up to ten new alcoholic beverage permits per community in Hamilton and Boone counties.

Under the proposal, restaurant owners could apply for a permit if they plan to locate within an economic development area or an area that needs redevelopment.

Whitestown Town Manager, Dax Norton, says two major developments are on hold pending the approval of an alcoholic beverage permit.

One of the projects is in the Anson Economic Development Area off of I-65.

"There are a couple of pretty major projects right now that due diligence has been completed or is underway, and the major stumbling block are the lack of these liquor licenses," said Dax Norton, Whitestown Town Manager.

The House approved the proposal in a 76 to 18 vote.

The measure now moves to the Senate for consideration.


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