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We asked, you answered: Why support Trump?

Posted at 3:46 PM, Mar 03, 2016

He won big on Super Tuesday and has been leading in the polls for months. In that time, he's managed to get away with saying many controversial statements that many thought would be the end of his political run. But each time, Donald Trump manages to come out on top. So what is it about him that so many people like? 

We asked on our Facebook page. 

He won big on Super Tuesday, but many people still wonder how he’s getting the support he is. So it made us curious: If you’re a Trump supporter, write in the comments why you support him.

Posted by RTV6 (WRTV - Indianapolis) on Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Many people on Facebook said the reason they like him so much is that he is an outsider and is not part of the "establishment": 

Jimmy Slim Moore: 

Because we need a change. This country can't survive another cookie cutter politician. He's the only hope to break the mold and make a real change.

Michael St John:

After years of hearing the same politicians make the same promises (lies) and then flip once in office, to now having someone who hasn't been a part of the problem, who calls it how they see it, who claims to support the constitution in its basic form, who claims to roll back previous executive orders, I think it's been a long time cHe is not a career politician. He won't be bought. He has the interest of the American people at heart. He is a business man which will only help this failing economy. He believes in hard work instead of giving hand outs.oming.

Jim Abbett: 

People keep saying Trump supporters are angry. If you aren't angry with the way the country headed, you are part of the reason it is going down the toilet.

I like that Trump and Cruz are ruffling the GOP establishment's feathers. It's time they started listening to their base.

Jennifer Whittaker-Etchemendy: 

Because I'm tired of the same politicians who have done Zero for our country. Look at Hillary Clinton. She has been in politics for how long, look at Rubio and Cruz...more of the same. (And well frankly, anyone who would vote for Sanders has to be communist). They have all had a shot at trying to turn this country around, and we are none for the better. It's time for a different perspective...Ok, so Trump is not PC, and correct- he has been known to have past liberal views on an array of different issues, but here is the thing: in college I was more liberal than I am today. My views have changed over time...any I believe Trump has also grown over time. He has self funded his campaign and does not have to "make political promises" to anyone for their dirty donation money. Literally overnight he has created more people to stand together than not. Record numbers of republicans coming out to vote, wining states that have not been won by a republican since the 1st Bush....I'm tired of illegal aliens, it's not right, and I stop to ask myself what about the folks who did their due diligence and came to our country through all of the "red tape". He is focused on American jobs, for the vets, for the military, for small business, has a desire to put America first in trade deals, put an end to common core, believes in the 2nd amendment, will be tough on terrorism and not bow down to other countries unlike our existing president, is not a career politician, is for small government and I believe will finally "trim the fat" where and when it's needed. Look at his family, all of his children are quite successful...and frankly, I like his proposed tax reform. That pretty much sums it up for me!

Several more say they like that he is funding his own campaign. 

Cynthia Mercado: 

I like that he is using his own money and wont bankrupt the country like Obama and all lives matter everyone said when Obama was elected we would not have a divide in race Obama and Al Sharpton have to go they both are rasist pigs

Shane Auler: 

Tired of politicians, he is self funding, only one who will protect our 2nd amendment, only one with the business sence to get us trillions out of debt,is actually going to do something about illegal immigrants, will stop companies from taking jobs overseas,wont let other countries push us around,most of all he is not afraid to speak his mind. And these are just a few. 

Dustin Fitzpatrick: 

He is not a career politician. He won't be bought. He has the interest of the American people at heart. He is a business man which will only help this failing economy. He believes in hard work instead of giving hand outs.

Others like his business experience. 

Jeremy Langley: 

I support trump because he has a track record of success and also a record creating jobs and wealth as well as a love for this country. He also has a record of stepping up and helping people and being very generous to his fellow man on a personal level. He speaks from the heart and doesn't play the politically correct games. He understands economics and the problems and corruption in this government and our economy. He isn't bought and paid for by special interests and he pisses off both of these corrupt parties. Trump isn't perfect but none of us are. I respect him because he says what he thinks even if he knows it isn't going to be popular or doesn't follow the talking points of the GOP. He has a track record of being able to unite and work across party lines and accomplish his goals. Cruz is a liar and can't even get the support of his own party in congress, Rubio has openly betrayed conservatives and worked against his own party for illegals, Kasich and Carson are both good guys but have no prayer of winning and Carson isn't qualified for the job. Killary should be in prison and Bernie is an economic moron. Out of this bunch I'll definitely give Trump a chance to do for this country what he's done for himself. He certainly can't do any worse than the last several presidents we've had. We are 19+ Trillion in debt under the leadership of everyone currently in our government. We've heard the same promises from both parties for decades and yet all we get is more of the same failure. It's time for a change. Trump 2016!

And the fact that he is not politically correct scores some major points from his supporters. 

Stephanie Overmyer: 

I think people like that he seems real, he says stuff before he thinks or even is concerned if it's politically correct or even what he really meant. We are tired of being forced feed what "they think people want to hear

Gaylon Nettles: 

1. He has been vetted by the New York Media for about 40 years...hard... 2. He has actually done something...see here Obama. 3. He has outstanding knowledge of national and international economics, banking and power players. 4. He is no fool...look at republicans and democrats... 5. He is not politically correct. He is vulgar. He is sometimes profane. AND HE IS BETTER THAN ANY LEADER WE HAVE HAD IN THE LAST 10 YEARS....

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