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Will Ferrell takes in Pacers Game after meeting with fans at Beech Grove Walmart

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Posted at 12:49 PM, Mar 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-07 13:20:23-05

BEECH GROVE — Actor Will Ferrell spent some time in Indianapolis this week catching a Pacers Game and even interacting with fans during a stop at the Beech Grove Walmart.

It wasn't a pre-announced visit.

Tasha Ramey said her family saw a commotion in the parking lot and went to see what it was.

“We pulled up and I thought he was part of On Patrol, but the equipment was a little more advanced,” Ramey said. “We watched them film and afterwards he walked up to us. He told us about a coast-to-coast road trip documentary he was filming.”

She said Ferrell didn't rush to get out of the parking lot and spent time with her and other fans that showed up.

“My 14-year-old was like, ‘Is that Will Ferrell?’ and he opened his arms and said ‘You bet it’s Will Ferrell,’ and he hugged my kid,” she shared.

He even took the time to video chat with Ramey's son who she said stayed at home while they were out.

“We were cracking jokes about my little girl being shocked that it was him and then he FaceTimed my son wondering why he was cleaning his room,” she said.

Ramey said she immediately posted their interaction with him on social media, which generated a lot of buzz in Beech Grove.

“He didn’t’ rush anyone, took the time to chat,” Tasha said. “He was very funny and he puffed on his cigar."

Although the exact reason for Ferrell's visit to Beech Grove was not immediately know, those who met the actor say he and his film crew talked about a documentary.

He appeared to be filming with an older vehicle and a woman.

Mike Earnest tells WRTV he saw Ramey's post on social media about the 'Anchorman' actor and decided to take a trip over to see for himself, since he was already close by.

He also shared some photos from his brief encounter with star, and said that he found Ferrell to be a nice guy.

"He was very nice and I told him how I watched his movies while I was deployed to Iraq and he thanked me for my service and for sharing that story with him," Earnest said. "He was so cool."

And it appears Ferrell didn't exactly leave Indiana after his Beech Grove encounters.

The star was spotted Go Karting in Speedway and even at a Pacers game on Monday.

At the Pacers game, Ferrell made his rounds speaking with the team pregame and firing up the crowd.

The star of "Semi-Pro" also took some time to get some shots up on the court during pregame warmups.

WRTV has reached out to find out more details about his visit.