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Years later, Bloomington still remembers Lauren Spierer

Posted at 9:52 PM, Jun 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 22:09:02-04

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Most students on the IU Bloomington campus when Lauren Spierer disappeared have graduated – but many still know the story, and still hope for a break in the case.

It's been more than five years since Spierer vanished from the IU campus after a night out with friends. While the years have passed with the crime unsolved, her presence is still felt on the campus.

"Just find out what happened to her," said IU student Kate Ooley. "You hear lots of stories. I want the real story, and if someone was involved, get them arrested."

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After her disappearance, Spierer's face was on billboards and flyers across Bloomington. Now her photo is hard to find.

"It's been so long that I think a lot of people have lost hope with everything that's been done," said IU student Lacy Plemmons.

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Bloomington police say the case is open and active, but there have been no arrests and her body has never been recovered.

Investigators are hoping a special report on ABC's 20/20 will result in new leads in the case – and, hopefully, finally an answer to what happened to Lauren Spierer.