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Young gardeners growing crops in an Indianapolis food desert

Group will cook what they grow themselves
Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-10 23:33:00-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Food deserts in Indianapolis have been a problem for years and a local woman is trying to combat the issue with one fresh crop at a time.

Elizabeth Durden spends much of her time with a group of 12 young gardeners, exposing them to fresh food — which they grow and eventually cook themselves — while helping them grow an appreciation for healthy food.

"The only thing left is gas stations, convenience stores. They don't have any fresh vegetable and it's really hard to find them," Durden said.

"A lot of them don't have transportation, their parents don't have transportation, there's not really a bus that comes out here and my car doesn't have the capacity to bring everyone out at the same time and that would be ideal," Durden said.

The good news is Captial City Church of Christ at East 42nd Street and Post Road is stepping in to provide land for Durden's east side gardeners. But after putting thousands of dollars of work into the original garden on the west side, Durden needs some help.

"I'm looking for assistance with the fencing. Each panel is like $17 apiece, and I'm going to need at least 18 of those to secure it to where I can walk inside of it to water it, to weed it," Durden said.

After five years of mentoring young gardeners, Durden knows it's a lot of work but believes the effort will go a long way to exposing the next generation to a healthier life.

"I want the kids in my community to actually have fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and then learn how to cook the vegetables," Durden said.

If you are interested in helping Durden and her Young Gardeners she can be reached via phone at 317-489-7463.