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Zionsville mayor reacts to concerns about road

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jan 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-25 22:35:19-05

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. -- If you travel through Zionsville this week, you may notice some traffic engineers working near the intersection of Oak Street and Kissel Road. 

Since we lasted reported about the concerns with Oak Street and Kissel Road, residents and neighbors have been sharing their stories and concerns about what they say is a dangerous intersection.

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Zionsville Mayor Tim Haak says no one has contacted him personally to discuss the stretch of Oak Street and its intersection with Kissel Road, but he welcomes any concerned citizens to his office. 

"We're open to talk to anybody who wants to come in and talk about what we are doing to evaluate the intersection," he said. 

The town has accepted a number of requests for public information, like crash statistics, and provided those to the citizens. 

Haak said that even though some of the recent crashes have been pointed to driver inattentiveness, safety in the intersection has been on his radar. 

"Last year in our budget process we allocated money to do an intersection improvement study specifically on Oak Street and Kissel Road," Haak said. 

It's a $15,000 contract, and the engineers will recommend if any changes, such as the addition of traffic signals, should be implemented. 

"There will be engineers out there today evaluating the intersection. That process will take about two months," Haak said. 

Haak says he is hoping to have the data back in late March, and the town will go from there. 


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