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VIRAL: Ind. photographer snaps priceless moment

Posted at 10:31 AM, Mar 30, 2016

METAMORA, Ind. -- "It actually happens more than you think," Abbie Rogers said in response to a photo that has now gone viral of a baby urinating during a newborn photo shoot.

Rogers is a photographer specializing in newborns and children from Laurel, Indiana. She posted this on her Facebook business page:

So .... This happened today! In case anyone wants to know what really happens during a newborn session.

Posted by Abbie Rogers Photography on Thursday, March 3, 2016

The shot captured shows a mother and father holding their newborn baby when nature called him, sending urine streaming perfectly through the air. What makes the photo even better is the look on the parents' faces.

Rogers said she took this image about 30 minutes into the shoot and she says yes, it's very real!

She started taking pictures of mom and baby, then the dad joined, and then baby did what you see in the photo.

Rogers says the post had over 10,000 likes and hundreds of shares within 24 hours. "The Carlson Family and sweet baby Pryor are the stars of the show. At the time of the shoot, he was less than 2 weeks old as that is the best time for newborn photos," said Rogers.

She says babies are typically naked for a couple hours during the shoot, so the chances of a baby doing what Pryor did are pretty grate.

Although Rogers probably wasn't expecting this to go viral, this photo has been seen by millions, featured on the Today Show and even picked up by popular websites across the globe, such as She says, "The response to this is kind of mind blowing."

It just goes to show that shooting newborn photos, despite the adorable props and sweet little faces, isn't always as glamorous as people often think.