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Muncie foster mother accused of shaking 11-week-old, causing severe head injuries

Posted at 11:38 PM, Aug 15, 2018

MUNCIE, Ind. -- A foster mother in Muncie is accused of shaking an 11-week-old infant she was caring for so hard that it caused severe head and brain injuries.

Investigators say Audrey Hannaford brought the 11-week-old infant to the emergency room back in December because he was having trouble breathing. Because of the child's injuries, he was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children where an abuse investigation was started. 

Doctors at the hospital say the infant had severe head trauma, consistent with a child that had been badly shaken. The infant's injuries were so severe they say he will have significant developmental problems. 

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Hannaford's cell phone where they found several chat/text messages indicating that she had become "increasingly frustrated" with the child. 

She said things like "I'm at my wit's end right now" and "I cannot get one moment to myself and I am going crazy."

Other messages included words of resentment toward her husband because he worked and was able to get out of the house. "John works 12 hours a day and I am so burnt out on being a mom. I know that sounds awful but I don't know what to do."

They also looked at Hannaford's web history which included things like "What to do when your child won't nap" and a search after the child was taken to the ER for "what will brain MRI show."

Police arrested Hannaford Wednesday. She's charged with battery and neglect of a dependent. 

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